Hi, I’m Chad, the Co-Founder of Smarter IT Services. 

Every week, we have conversations with business in the Durham Region (and across Canada) about looking after their IT.  We see a lot of businesses having the exact same problems. If this sounds like your business, you’re not alone. In fact, hundreds and hundreds of businesses around here have the same problems day after day, and yet they shouldn’t have. These are some of the easiest problems to fix in technology. 

  • The same problems keep happening over and over
  • I’m paying too much for IT services
  • We can’t communicate with our remote staff
  • Collaboration isn’t working
  • I want my staff to be more efficient

These are the easiest problems to fix in IT.  Computers can be made fast. We have the best communication and collaboration tools in 2021 that we’ve ever had. There are many ways to make this easy for you. How do we know? Because my team and I work with some of the best businesses in Durham Region (and beyond) and have solved these problems many times before.

If you’d like to have a quick 15 minute call with me to discuss how we can make your business more efficient with IT Solutions then book a 15 minute free teams meeting with me.

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Smarter IT – Your Support and Thought Leaders.

Smarter IT, it’s a dynamic change to the way you look at IT.  What if your business used IT to be more competitive and solved problems before they happened?  What if your IT trusted partner helped make the heart of your business, your staff, happier and more efficient?  We create smart business solutions tailored to your business.   Smarter IT is known for our amazing support, proactive thinking and trusted advice.

We bring Smarter IT solutions to businesses looking to create meaningful positive changes to their business challenges. See why we’re different, see why smarter is smart.

vCIO (Virtual CIO)

IT spending doesn’t have to be a black hole. We’ll work with you to create a Strategic Roadmap that guides your technology decisions, unique to your business, and then keep you on track to ensure you meet your goals. We do this by starting with a plan, this is your IT Strategy. To make your IT smarter, you will need three things, a destination in mind, plan to get you there, and a budget to accomplish it.

Professional Services

Do you have an idea, or a vision for a project, but need resources to plan and implement your vision?

Trust our team of experts to build smart solutions for your business, from the desktop to the cloud.  Our many years of experience help us implement timely and effective solutions for your business.

Managed Services

What if your IT provider didn’t just keep fixing problems, but, ensured they didn’t happen in the first place? Smarter IT focuses on what makes your business work, not just computers and servers, but your people and ensures that their IT is seamless and there are no cost surprises by having a fixed monthly fee.


Want to move to the cloud, work from anywhere, or just have fast downloads?

We deliver fiber internet speeds, over the air. Our next generation network delivers internet at the speed your business requires. With cloud services becoming more important to businesses everywhere, let us help find your best solution.

Give us a call at 289-222-8882